Spa and health in Ischia

Spa resorts are gaining popularity by the day. Besides helping to deal with the stress that the hectic everyday life piles on all of us, some spa treatments are proven to help with some serious health problems. Another benefit of the spa sector is the fact that it is a stable and well-developed field for investments. 

To understand the importance of Ischia and its healing waters better, let’s first see how it all started. How did the region develop and how people arrived to the knowledge of water and mud’s healing properties. The Ancient Greek arrived in Ischia and noticed that the thermal water of Ischia was helping to cure their battle wounds faster. That brought them to the conclusion that the water in ischia was a gift from Apollo. So miraculous it was! The Roman soldiers used the water for the same purpose – to heal wounds faster, but also started to use mud as a remedy for arthritis. 

After getting to know more on how the ancient people used Ischia’s resources, you can guess that nowadays the island of Ischia is known for its spa resorts, and in particular, for the healing properties of the thermal water and the mud. What the ancient Greeks and Romans considered to be a gift from the gods, the modern people made into a huge and well-built business. Business that provides jobs to locals and brings health benefits to the ones who need them. 

We interviewed a local manager in the spa sector. Here is the first hand information on why Ischia’s spa sources are known worldwide, and how the business world looks like there. 

Francesco Fiola shares intriguing facts about what are the biggest health benefits of thermal water. Fascinating enough, the water can be a remedy for a number of heart diseases – infections, atherosclerosis, inflammations. Even if you do not need treatment for medical reasons, the thermal water can have a relaxing effect, with it coing of the source with a temperature of 44 degrees. 

What Francesco sees as a current problem in the business is the fact that there is not enough advertisement. People in Italy itself are not familiar with the health benefits a stay in Ischia can bring them. Getting doctors throughout Italy to know the proven benefits of the water and mud in Ischia, and how they can heal wounds, arthritis and even heart disease, can be crucial to bringing in more clients. What else the business needs is to make the particular sector attractive to young employees. The current employees, having decades of experience in their job, are priceless to the business. But the sector needs young employees to inherit the knowledge, and keep bringing health to people. 

The spa business in Ischia is one to serve as an example. It is made up of people who want to develop. They strive to grow and attract investment and clients, not only by advertisement, but more importantly – by educating young people, and even doctors. Managers and owners are not scared of innovations. They are willing to try and implement new methods that can prove to be the necessary change that will bring the growth that is needed. 

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