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Therma Culture project aims to promote and support the thermal and gastro tourism sector.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus Plus program and involves partners from Bulgaria, Austria, Italy and Spain.

Project Goals

Promotion of sites in the sector of thermal and gastro tourism in the parcipating countries.
Providing free training in the field of marketing, attracting and retaining people from experts in the industry with sector leading experts

Main Aim

Tha aim of the project is to increase the interest in thermal and gastro tourism in areas with low economic development with training in marketing, atracting relations and training. The tream strives to promote employment in the sector.

for SME

If you are a small or medium enterprise in the tourism sector, you can benefit from the project in following ways.

Get unlimited access to free sector-specific marketing seminars and workshops
Be advertised in a new and inovative platform.
Get a free analysis of the effectivеness of marketing activities
Get unlimited access to a workshop and customer service guide

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Project Partners

Voca Academy (EduAge LTD) is aBulagrian startup helping people and organizations realize their potential, develop professional and career skills and upgrade their business through knowledge. Voca academy (EduAge LTD) is developing an innovative methodology and framework for professional and career learning through gamification, personal profile and AI. The company was funded by an angel investor and is now working to support businesses in different fields who need upskilling to level up their business through meaningful, personalized learning and the application of this learning.

As the tourism sector has suffered severely due to the Covid -19 pandemic, Voca academy (EduAge LTD)  has set a strategic priority to support the tourism sector with capacity building training which is directly linked to the needs of the secor and follows the Academy framework for effective learning.

Gastro Alianza is a nonprofit organization that brings together innovative partnerships, regional platforms or cluster, forums, development poles, clubs... for gastronomy, food, hospitality and gastronomic tourism. Gastro Alianza is created and is energized by experts in gastronomy to promote relations and exchange experiences of international gastronomy tourism, cooking schools, etc.

The main objectives of the organization are:

  • To share knowledge about national and international gastronomy and traditional cuisine.
  • To promote and develop activities for the improvement of gastronomy, agri-food and gastronomic tourism.
  • To foster the competitiveness of companies and entities related to tourism, gastronomy, host and agri-food products.
  • Professional training and promotion of the personal and professional development, and the employability of all the people who develop their activity in the fields related to tourism, gastronomy and hospitality.

We have a working group GO-Gastro Lonja www.gastroalianza.es/gastrolonja,  (collaborative agro-food and gastronomic platform) officially approved within the framework of the Rural Development Programme for Aragon 2014-2020 of the Government of Aragon to promote and accelerate innovation in the rural environment with financial support from the European Association for Innovation in Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability, AEI-agri.

The Academy for Civic Education and Democracy-promoting Measures, is a non-profit association with civic education, equal opportunities for unemployed and employed persons of all ages, migrants and especially for women on the labor market and learning opportunities.

Through a variety of educational opportunities for schools, businesses and public institutions, we support the personal and academic development of children, adults and disadvantaged people.

The aim of our activities is to promote civic education through targeted educational offers, international understanding and cooperation as well as through written, visual and auditory documentation and to support disadvantaged groups to participate in society.

We fulfill our mission through workshops and coaching, research and publications.


Enjoy European Network Società Cooperativa Sociale is a social cooperative based in Naples. It is not profit oriented grassroot entity, formed as a stable social enterprise that promotes civic, solidarity and social activities. Specifically, we provide educational, social and health services for Italian citizens promoting social inclusion developing new initiatives of social cooperation through the management and organization of educational and social services, according to the principles of mutuality, solidarity of the cooperative movement worldwide. Enjoy is a social cooperative which aims to create social, health and education services, professional training, outside education training and job placement. In order to achieve its purpose, the Enjoy Euopean Network is:

  • Developing research projects about new technologies and innovative startups.
  • Developing projects aiming to create smart cities.
  • Developing training plans for young, adult people according to their needs.

Associated Partners